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Reinventing Luxury Vinyl Flooring

The first environmentally-friendly, Canadian-made flooring manufacturer.

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Reinventing Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Collaborating with some of the industries best suppliers, end users, and material scientists, PolyCo is on a mission to disrupt the Luxury Vinyl Floor (LVF) market to provide a better future for our children and the planet. 

The team is working to provide consumers with products that look and feel great, while boasting exceptional sustainability, quality, and longevity. 

Current vinyl plank flooring is typically difficult to recycle and remains in our landfills for centuries. It can also off-gas harmful VOCs after installation, contributing to poor indoor air quality for homeowners. As the planet works towards improving its environmental governance, industries must pivot from the easy route. PolyCo is leading this movement with its innovative, recyclable, and domestically sourced LVF product. 

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